Apparently, the suburbs have been starving for adult activities. I mean, we here in Agoura Hills and the Conejo Valley, in general, are bursting with things to do for children, to do for families, to do for everyone it seems like except adults. It’s probably a tough place to be single.

I’m going to say, almost every time my husband, Howard and I want to have a fancy or unusual date, we have to schlep over the hill. That is quite a drag. Especially if we’re planning on having a drink or two. Add the cost of babysitters to the Lyft ride and we are paying an uncomfortable amount of money to have some uninterrupted adult time.

Until now.

There is a huge buzz, growing louder, around the West Valley that a new beer and wine tasting event called Sipurbia is coming on Sunday, May 6 to finally relieve that hunger and quench that thirst for some adult fun.


At least for one afternoon.

So, that Sunday, we are getting together with a slew of adult friends, listening to great music, sampling the best restaurants in our area and having unlimited tasting of the finest wines and beers in California – all in the comfort of our backyard.

Sipburbia wine and beer tasting

Chillin’ close to home

Well. Not in our literal backyard because what kind of fun would it be if we have to clean up after? Instead it’ll be right down the street from our backyard, at Paramount Ranch, the scene of the sets of many Hollywood classics like Gunsmoke and TV shows like Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and more recently, Weeds.

Paramount Ranch

Photo courtesy of National Park Service

That and the fact that it’s a gorgeous space, surrounded by rolling hills and a jagged skyline of sycamore and oak trees, makes it the perfect place to spend an afternoon sipping on wine, dressed in wide-brimmed hats, flowy dresses,  crisp vests and fedoras. And did I mention you have to be 21 to attend? That means no kids and being your own person for a few hours.

Sipburbia wine and beer tasting

sparks can fly

You can even do a kind deed by bringing a single friend to meet other people’s single friends in this suburban desolate dating scene. You are so thoughtful to think of others.

I’m feeling pretty lucky that I am friends with the fella putting this on. His boys and my boys have this whole sports / love thing going on.

Sipurbia wine and beer tasting

The Boys

And you know the old saying: my friends are your friends! It’s true! I have really nice friends and because you’re now his friend too, you get the Friends and Family Discount to the chill out zone he’s creating. Just use the code STORY25 to get 25% off your ticket here. Seriously. It’s going to be a blast. And Uber or Lyft will be so much cheaper. But if you have a designated driver, there’s tons of free parking. You don’t even have to find a sitter because Monarch’s is offering a great deal to entertain your kids while you do your thing. So, for one low (discounted) price, you’re getting so much. So much more than you usually get for that price on a typical date night – or girl’s night.

Also a portion of your ticket will benefit the BumbleBee Foundation so really, you actually are doing a good deed.

Sponsors are jumping aboard this steaming train but as of today, these are the confirmed wineries and breweries who will share their yummy delights. Here are the restaurants who will feed us and the entertainers who will get our bodies moving. See you there!