We are cur­rent­ly tak­ing sub­mis­sions of orig­i­nal sto­ries that fall into one of our three main cat­e­gories: Fam­i­ly Adven­tures, Mom­my Get­aways and Roman­tic Retreats. 

Our tone is can­did and on the irrev­er­ent side. Per­son­al nar­ra­tives work best. We want to hear about all the wacky fun you had or the ter­ri­ble time you had but with the les­son you learned. Sto­ries should include how to get there from Los Ange­les, info links and costs if appro­pri­ate. We look for a word count of 800–1,200 words per article.

We believe that all artists should be paid for their work. As we grow, we hope to increase the amount we can com­pen­sate you for your writ­ing but right now, we pay $35 per arti­cle. We buy first world-wide rights with own­er­ship revert­ing back to the author after 3 months but we will con­tin­ue to use your work on our site and may pro­mote it through our social media outlets. 

You should write your sto­ry on Google Docs and share the link to Pho­tos are required and videos are a plus. Please post them to a pub­lic pho­to forum like Google Pho­to (with cap­tions) or include them in the Google Doc (bet­ter) with your sto­ry. We will include your bio after your sto­ry with a link to what­ev­er you want to pro­mote.  Please know that at least 5 pho­tographs should accom­pa­ny your sto­ry. Cap­tions should accom­pa­ny your pic­tures. If your pho­to was tak­en by some­one else, please attribute it. We look for­ward to read­ing your work!

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