Yes, over 3,500 tickets sold to the first ANNUAL (we hope!) Sipurbia last May. And it was a riot.

We may have had a bit of wine when we broadcast that video BUT we did it for you! We did it so you could know how much fun you could have just chilling for a change without having to worry about all the parenty stuff or do any adulting for an afternoon.

So, good news. Sipurbia is back.

That’s right SAVE THE DATEApril 27 from 3-7pm – and VIP guests get one hour extra to hang because doors open at 2pm for those ticket holders.

If you didn’t go last year and you had to sit through all the stories of how much fun your friends had, now you too can show up and partake in even more fun because this year will be even better than last and I’ll tell you why.

Last year was founder, Darren Miller’s, first time putting on this event. No one knew what to expect. Tons of free beer and wine with tons of people, some of whom would surly get much too intoxicated. Some naysayers (or people who’ve been around the block before parenthood) may have thought that this was a recipe for disaster. Some of his friends may have thought he was in over his head. Some may have thought it would be an uncontrollable booze fest but it turns out they were all wrong. People behaved. It turns out those out of control frat boys and jocks have grown up and learned to handle their liquor.

Everyone enjoyed themselves A LOT and the result was the buzz circulating for weeks after that super fun afternoon.

But some terrible stuff happened to our community between then and now. We had a horrific shooting. We had a fire that wiped out people’s whole lives and the beautiful structures of Paramount Ranch that was the site of the original Sipurbia, are now gone as a result of that fire, the Woolsey Fire.

But this community sprang back and the support people offered one another to rebuild was heroic and, for months, I felt like I lived in a bubble of tears as stories kept surfacing of kindness, courage and support. It’s unfortunate that it sometimes takes a tragedy to show you the beauty of humanity and its indefatigable spirit.

So, Darren had to find another site to host this year’s tribute to that spirit. A statement that we are in this together and we will celebrate the lives we’ve built and the suffering we’ve survived, together.

So this is what he found:

And although this video is from 2015, it’s going to be this green again because, you know, all the crazy rain we’ve been having in this area.

Also new this year is a Designated Driver ticket for your super responsible friend who wants to listen to fantastic music, flirt with the hotties and do a good deed. For VIP ticket holders, premium distilled spirits are available for unlimited tastings, as are complimentary snacks. Also new: 50 valet parking tickets are being offered for $30 a car in a separate entrance. This might be worth it, if you hate to wait to get out of a packed parking lot or walk after parking far away. If you carpool, you can split this with your friends.

Everyone wants a piece of this year’s adults-only party because of the huge success of last year, so there’s even MORE beer and wine vendors (J. Lohr, yay!) and even MORE vendors showcasing their products and giving deals to party-goers. There’s going to be fun raffle prizes, like “Girls Night Out” baskets and the hard booze is new too but only available in the VIP section.

Plus L.A. Family Travel readers and their friends get a discount, so yay! Just put in the code LAFAM20 to get 20% off your tickets.

So get your VIP tickets (these are limited so if you’re thinking about it, think how much a date of this duration would cost with food, alcohol and music and you’ll see what a good deal this is) or your General Admission tickets or any other tickets you want. It’s going to be a great time and even though you’re doing it to have a great time, you can feel great about it because you’re also benefitting a great cause.