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Last Spring, a new event took over the West Val­ley for one after­noon that had us remem­ber what it was like to hang free, with the girls — with our spouse (before kids) — with the dudes. SIPur­bia Wine & Beer Fes­ti­val was an after­noon in the San­ta Mon­i­ca Moun­tains framed by wild grass, hills still green from win­ter sprin­kles and the old town feel of Para­mount Ranch: a per­fect set­ting for all-day beer and wine tast­ings, music and hang­ing out in cute sun­dress­es and fedoras.

We learned there is a new event in the works and we spoke with SIPurbia founder, Dar­ren Miller to learn more. Scroll to the bot­tom of this post to get 25% off your tick­ets with our spe­cial code.…while tick­ets last!

The Talk

LAFT: What inspired you to create these tasting events?

DM: I’ve always want­ed to throw cool and casu­al events that I would actu­al­ly like to attend myself.  I think peo­ple, espe­cial­ly in the burbs, are look­ing for things to do that allows them to escape for the day and hang out with their friends and fam­i­ly.  The bonus is that a por­tion of the pro­ceeds ben­e­fit local char­i­ties which obvi­ous­ly is a huge part of my inspiration.

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
SIPur­bia — pho­to by Kim Tra­cy Prince

LAFT: What in your background led you to these endeavors?

DM: I think it all start­ed when I was play­ing ten­nis tour­na­ments grow­ing up.  I always enjoyed the behind the scenes of the tour­na­ment more than actu­al­ly play­ing.  I love the cre­ativ­i­ty, the logis­tics, and the solv­ing of the puz­zle that goes into putting on these kind of events.  I love throw­ing par­ties for peo­ple and watch­ing them have a great time.  In the end, I’m an oper­a­tions guy and I think it just fits my personality.…not to men­tion it is tons of fun!

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
Where the cool kids go — SIPur­bia — pho­to by Kim Tra­cy Prince

LAFT: What do you look for in creating the actual event? 

DM: After the ini­tial vision, the first step is find­ing a loca­tion that works.  I look for plen­ty of avail­able park­ing, indoor and out­door spaces, easy to get to, etc. — the loca­tion has to “fit” the vision and obvi­ous­ly be will­ing to let that many peo­ple have a good time on their prop­er­ty.  I try to attract peo­ple like myself: adults with kids, a house, dogs and cats, who go to their kid’s tour­na­ments and recitals, pay bills, do car­pool, etc that also like to let loose on occa­sion.  The last part is approach­ing local ven­dors that sup­port the event and the cause…without them these don’t happen!

The DIME picnic
The DIME picnic

LAFT: How do you want people to walk away from your events to feel and think about their experience?

DM: Memories.…period.  That is what it all comes down to in the end.  We can get alco­hol, food and lis­ten to music any­where but when it all comes togeth­er with every­one you care about shar­ing the day with you some­thing mag­i­cal hap­pens.  My goal is always to pro­vide val­ue and make the events so good that peo­ple can’t wait to come back!

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
Mak­ing Ins­ta memories

LAFT: Why do you work with charities as beneficiaries to your events?

DM: Help­ing out char­i­ties has been in my life since my dad donat­ed his time with hos­pi­tals back in South Africa when I was a child.  It nat­u­ral­ly feels good to help peo­ple in need out and make a dif­fer­ence no mat­ter how small the amount.  The peo­ple who work with the char­i­ties are also so inspir­ing, they keep my moti­va­tion high.

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
Doing good — SIPur­bia — pho­to by Kim Tra­cy Prince

LAFT: What can people expect from this day?

DM: The Dime is burst­ing on the scene as Ven­tu­ra Coun­ty’s pri­vate all- inclu­sive pic­nic and par­ty!  Expe­ri­ence 10, each, of our favorite Winer­ies, Brew­eries, Spir­its and Food Trucks.  Enjoy the after­noon and sun­set on a seclud­ed and breath­tak­ing pri­vate estate in Hid­den Val­ley.  Indulge in unlim­it­ed sam­ples of qual­i­ty wines, beers, spir­its and food.  Every­thing is includ­ed in the price so please enjoy all that there is to offer.  Grab some friends, look amaz­ing, throw your blan­ket down and vibe to the live acoustic music.  Expect a relax­ing day with lots of qual­i­ty alco­hol, food and music in one of the most unique loca­tions around!

The Dime will be a fun afternoon of wine, beer and spirits tastings with food included!

LAFT: How will this event be different from Sipurbia?

DM: On the heals of Sipur­bia Wine & Beer Fes­ti­val’s suc­cess, we want­ed to do a spin-off event in the Fall.  We took some of the feed­back from Sipur­bia Wine & Beer Fes­ti­val and came up with The Dime.  The main dif­fer­ence will be that The Dime will include hard alco­hol (spir­its) in the price as well as food from cool food trucks!  Tick­et sales will be lim­it­ed to only 1000 peo­ple — we had over 3,500 at Sipur­bia —  so it will be a more inti­mate and dif­fer­ent vibe than Sipur­bia Wine & Beer Fes­ti­val.  The loca­tion is much more pri­vate while being just as breath­tak­ing.  We want­ed a sim­i­lar event but keep it fresh and make it just dif­fer­ent enough!

THE DETAILS: (new time 2–7pm)

October 14 3-8pm


There are still spon­sor­ship spots avail­able! Treat your employ­ees to a spe­cial day — with the includ­ed tick­ets — if you spon­sor part of this event and also get your name out there as a fun and char­i­ta­ble com­pa­ny to peo­ple who live in your com­mu­ni­ty. More info here.

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