Last Spring, a new event took over the West Valley for one afternoon that had us remember what it was like to hang free, with the girls – with our spouse (before kids) – with the dudes. SIPurbia Wine & Beer Festival was an afternoon in the Santa Monica Mountains framed by wild grass, hills still green from winter sprinkles and the old town feel of Paramount Ranch: a perfect setting for all-day beer and wine tastings, music and hanging out in cute sundresses and fedoras.

We learned there is a new event in the works and we spoke with SIPurbia founder, Darren Miller to learn more. Scroll to the bottom of this post to get 25% off your tickets with our special code….while tickets last!

The Talk

LAFT: What inspired you to create these tasting events?

DM: I’ve always wanted to throw cool and casual events that I would actually like to attend myself.  I think people, especially in the burbs, are looking for things to do that allows them to escape for the day and hang out with their friends and family.  The bonus is that a portion of the proceeds benefit local charities which obviously is a huge part of my inspiration.

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
SIPurbia – photo by Kim Tracy Prince

LAFT: What in your background led you to these endeavors?

DM: I think it all started when I was playing tennis tournaments growing up.  I always enjoyed the behind the scenes of the tournament more than actually playing.  I love the creativity, the logistics, and the solving of the puzzle that goes into putting on these kind of events.  I love throwing parties for people and watching them have a great time.  In the end, I’m an operations guy and I think it just fits my personality….not to mention it is tons of fun!

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
Where the cool kids go – SIPurbia – photo by Kim Tracy Prince

LAFT: What do you look for in creating the actual event? 

DM: After the initial vision, the first step is finding a location that works.  I look for plenty of available parking, indoor and outdoor spaces, easy to get to, etc. – the location has to “fit” the vision and obviously be willing to let that many people have a good time on their property.  I try to attract people like myself: adults with kids, a house, dogs and cats, who go to their kid’s tournaments and recitals, pay bills, do carpool, etc that also like to let loose on occasion.  The last part is approaching local vendors that support the event and the cause…without them these don’t happen!

The DIME picnic
The DIME picnic

LAFT: How do you want people to walk away from your events to feel and think about their experience?

DM: Memories….period.  That is what it all comes down to in the end.  We can get alcohol, food and listen to music anywhere but when it all comes together with everyone you care about sharing the day with you something magical happens.  My goal is always to provide value and make the events so good that people can’t wait to come back!

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
Making Insta memories

LAFT: Why do you work with charities as beneficiaries to your events?

DM: Helping out charities has been in my life since my dad donated his time with hospitals back in South Africa when I was a child.  It naturally feels good to help people in need out and make a difference no matter how small the amount.  The people who work with the charities are also so inspiring, they keep my motivation high.

SIPurbia - photo by Kim Tracy Prince
Doing good – SIPurbia – photo by Kim Tracy Prince

LAFT: What can people expect from this day?

DM: The Dime is bursting on the scene as Ventura County’s private all- inclusive picnic and party!  Experience 10, each, of our favorite Wineries, Breweries, Spirits and Food Trucks.  Enjoy the afternoon and sunset on a secluded and breathtaking private estate in Hidden Valley.  Indulge in unlimited samples of quality wines, beers, spirits and food.  Everything is included in the price so please enjoy all that there is to offer.  Grab some friends, look amazing, throw your blanket down and vibe to the live acoustic music.  Expect a relaxing day with lots of quality alcohol, food and music in one of the most unique locations around!

The Dime will be a fun afternoon of wine, beer and spirits tastings with food included!

LAFT: How will this event be different from Sipurbia?

DM: On the heals of Sipurbia Wine & Beer Festival’s success, we wanted to do a spin-off event in the Fall.  We took some of the feedback from Sipurbia Wine & Beer Festival and came up with The Dime.  The main difference will be that The Dime will include hard alcohol (spirits) in the price as well as food from cool food trucks!  Ticket sales will be limited to only 1000 people – we had over 3,500 at Sipurbia –  so it will be a more intimate and different vibe than Sipurbia Wine & Beer Festival.  The location is much more private while being just as breathtaking.  We wanted a similar event but keep it fresh and make it just different enough!

THE DETAILS: (new time 2-7pm)

October 14 3-8pm


There are still sponsorship spots available! Treat your employees to a special day – with the included tickets – if you sponsor part of this event and also get your name out there as a fun and charitable company to people who live in your community. More info here.

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