10 Of Our Favorite Family Travel Blogs (besides ours!)

by | Jul 3, 2023 | Family Adventures, Travel Tips

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We don’t just write good family travel blog posts around here – we read them too! I started reading my favorite family travel blogs during the pandemic. Pregnant and housebound, it was easy to feel stir-crazy wanderlust. 

Like many travel mamas during the pandemic, I missed our family adventures big and small, from cross-country road trips to our annual retreat in Olympic National Park.

These favorite family travel blogs continue to feed me inspiration, the best family travel tips, and easy access resources to plan the trips that I might eventually write about here. These are a few of our favorite family travel bloggers.



Family Travel Blogs



Kids Are a Trip: You Never Know Where Kids Will Take You

Kids Are A Trip has been taking family vacations with her husband and kids for over twenty years, and that travel experience really shows in this great family travel blog. Whether near home or far abroad, the entire family seeks out the off-the-beaten-path travel experiences and popular attractions (like theme parks!) that make travel adventures special. They go to all the best places! Their road trips and travels in the United States and around the world include great outdoors adventure activities, practical dining and accommodations tips, and the view from the life of a family of five on the road. This family travel blog isn’t limited to that experience though – they work with a team of seasoned family travel bloggers to produce a wide array of useful content and share all the best things. These authors have big families and small, with both older and young children. Visit this amazing family travel blog for the best family travel tips and hacks, North America and overseas travel stories, destination guides, and tales of home-based family adventures. The team also offers a few detailed travel guides that you can download at a low cost.


Yosemite Valley in summer featuring a golden rod meadow with mountains in the background. Best Family Travel Blogs You Must Follow.

Yosemite National Park is an essential national park outdoor adventure for the entire family. Photo by Jennifer Nelson 2008.


Adventure Mom: Attainable Adventures for Every Season of Life

Adventure Mom, Nedra McDaniel’s family travel blog inspires us beyond travel with her family adventures near and far. From underwater hockey to swinging from a trapeze, she either has or will try it all. I admit – she would be kind of intimidating if it weren’t for the fact that she candidly confesses to being a wimp at heart. One of the best things about Adventure Mom is that Nedra shares from the heart more than just wacky activities. She has great travel stories and ideas to share. The food blog posts are just mouth-watering! This amazing family travel blog covers travel in and around Cincinnati as well as family vacations in the United States, throughout North America, and abroad. A unique section, Adventures of the Heart, offers realistic self-care tips for women and moms. Another unique feature – Nedra has a number of related YouTube videos. There is just something about a video of a destination that really brings the feel of the place home, right? They just take the destination guides to the next level for me.




Travel Babbo – Take Your Kids Everywhere!

I read Eric Stoen’s family travel blog, Travel Babbo, for his best family travel tips, but I stay for much more. Want to improve travel photography? He’s got tips and tricks for that. Want to write about your own travel adventures? He can tell you what it’s like to be a family travel blogger and how to get started. Considering that he is a career changer himself, I find his insights on the journey from health care professional to family travel blogger. With over 100 different countries (including of course the United States) on all 7 continents under his belt, Eric knows the best places and how to best enjoy them. Eric also offers some great trip planning tools such as top destination guides and a resource page chock filled with the best hacks, practical advice, tips, and sites across the web. This amazing family travel blog covers various styles of travel as well, from self-planned, air travel-based family trips to cruises and tours. The stories and destinations are a fit for families with young children, tweens, and teens – again, something for the entire family.


Sailboat in harbor at Annapolis. 10 Family Travel Blogs You Must Read.

It can be easy to get on board with road trips and sail away with practical advice from these best family travel blogs! Photo credit Jennifer Nelson


Have Wheelchair, Will Travel

This family travel blog, Have Wheelchair, Will Travel, is a double whammy of excellent travel writing and a helpful perspective on travel accessibility. A few chronic conditions like arthritis and kidney stones have thrown a wrench in my travel plans in the past, and that only seems compounded by lugging a toddler all about. There are many great blog posts about travel accessibility and accommodations, but Julie Jones adds the perspective of a mom traveling with a 26-year-old son with cerebral palsy who is non-verbal, a wheelchair user, and needs assistance with all his living needs. As a result, Julie addressed many accessibility factors that other family travel blogs might not catch. This family travel blog also offers insights into traveling with older children, as her daughter is 19 years old. Every time I dip into this family travel blog, I feel reinspired to plan carefully and enjoy travel adventures thoroughly.


View down Loch Ness from above Urqhart Castle. 10 Family Travel Blogs You Must Read.

A river cruise up Loch Ness in search of monsters and castles fits the bill for young children and teens alike! Photo by Jennifer Nelson


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Ciao Bambino!

As someone of Advanced Maternal Age and within the Sandwich Generation, I find myself traveling with the grandparents on a regular basis. It isn’t easy to plan for limited mobility, chronic illnesses, and different expectations across the range of three years old to 79 years old, either! Luckily, my friends at Caio Bambino! have great practical advice on this topic.


Their hot take? ‘Gone are the days when parents left the kids behind with grandparents while they traveled around the globe … now the entire family is joining in and experiencing what the world has to offer.’


They succeed in their goal of inspiring and enabling incredible travel adventures and priceless memories that last a lifetime. There are so many great voices in these blog posts as well because they have a huge, diverse team of writers and travelers to draw upon. In addition to great property reviews and destination inspiration guides, they have some good tips on planning for the wider spectrum of experiences a multigenerational family vacation entails. They also offer practical advice like getting a VPN for traveling.



The Traveling Child

Monet, a mother of two and an avid traveler is both the founder of The Traveling Child and a frequent contributor to a number of platforms (like our founder!). She’s also a fantastic family travel blogger. Her experience shows in her engaging, well-honed writing which is such a pleasure to read. The back story to her blog is just as engaging as the content: 


When I was pregnant with my first child I heard so many times that my husband and I’s wanderlust ways would come to an end once our daughter was born. We knew that would not be our life and that we would want to continue traveling with our kids. We took our eldest on her first flight at 6 weeks and traveled to Colombia with our 2nd at 10 weeks.


Knowing that most of us would find that a daunting if not impossible feat, Monet is dedicated to sharing her tips and trips to inspire and help us provide incredible experiences from an early age. I look forward to new blog posts from her regularly!




Dreamtime Travel

Of course, my own child is still figuring out naps and potty training, so I had to ask my mom friends for advice on travel blogs for families with older kids. One came through with a resounding endorsement of Dreamtime Traveler, a blog by a teenage traveler that inspires other teenage travelers. Curious, I took a look and agree this can be a wonderful perspective to include in your blog browsing. Reka writes about traveling with her Australian family during the middle and high school years of life (she’s 19 now) as her parents chose an unconventional homeschool approach based on frequent and diverse travel-as-classroom. She’s also published a book about her experiences traveling 52 countries on 6 continents. One of the best things about this blog now is its fresh young perspective on family travel adventures as well as hints on how I can include learning in our family’s travels near or far.


Families scaling the side of Beacon Rock in the eponymous state park of Skamania, Washington. 10 Family Travel Blogs You Must Read Now

Travel doesn’t have to be an uphill climb with great travel tips and practical advice from the best family travel blogs online. Photo by Jennifer Nelson


The Mom Trotter

What do I love most about the Mom Trotter? Because in huge, bold letters at the top of the page, Karen reinforces the gospel of family travel: you, the parent, matter too. So what if young kids aren’t going to remember this trip? You need this vacation, mom and dad, and you deserve it. This is a blog that goes beyond the surface of travel and gets into the meat of family vacationing, balance, and quality time. Kay covers the usual travel topics of destinations and tips alongside insights on homeschooling, RV life, and more. And her family seems to travel everywhere, near and far, as far as southeast Asia. If this wasn’t impressive enough, Karen and her six-year-old son founded Black Kids Do Travel to encourage other families to seek adventure. Now THAT is going to shine on his college applications for sure! Karen is out-blogging, out-parenting, and generally just outshining me across the board, and I am here for it. 


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 2DadsWithBaggage: A Hilarious LGBTQ Family Travel Blog

Here is a blog I visit when I’m looking for some deep travel inspiration and a few laughs. In his own words, Jon Bailey of 2DadsWithBaggage shares their family adventures on one of the first LGBTQ family travel blogs. By sharing their travels, and cultural experiences, this family is living their goal of encouraging all families to be visible in the world through travel. They also help build confidence with practical advice and reports from the field. They give their perspective on travel in the United States and abroad, as well as to major destinations like Disneyland, as well as hotel reviews and recommendations.

Another nice touch is that not every article is about traveling with young and older kids – there are some good thoughts on couples getaways and helpful hints on general topics like using reward points to plan trips.

Not only that but Jon shares his easy but healthy and tasty food recipes. During the pandemic, to cure his wanderlust, he wrote a cookbook to take an eater’s tastebuds around the world.


The Jet Setting Family Blog

This family keeps it real. A bracing departure from what can feel like drinking positivity from a firehose, Rod and Jess from Jet Setting Family Blog are just as honest when things don’t work out in their travel-focused lifestyle as when they do. And that is a daily experience for this family, who have set aside a traditional neighborhood lifestyle for the jet set dream where they value experiences over possessions. One thing I love about this family’s blog is that they also host a podcast, which is convenient for the many hours I spend shuttling my child around town. From a brutal blow by blow break down of vacation days gone bad to a breakdown of seven traveler personalities, this family brings lots of amusement along with helpful hints and stories about their experiences. They cover destinations on almost every continent, from Europe to Southeast Asia, as well as here in the United States too.


Children gathering amazingly large leaves from the gum trees in Green Park of London. 10 Family Travel Blogs You Must Read

Children of all ages and backgrounds can grow and learn from travel – and it doesn’t have to be a headache. Photo by Jennifer Nelson





Jennifer Nelson is a freelance writer and sustainability consultant. She loves visiting national parks, quirky pit stops on road trips, and a nice cold swim on a hot summer day. With the help of her husband, she’s been preparing her toddler to take on big adventures since his first major road trip, a cross-country drive while teething at nine months old. It’s all downhill from there, right?!