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Best Resorts at Disney World for Families

  Every Walt Disney World Resort is unique and special but one resort offers the chance to share your morning coffee with a giraffe! Read on to learn which one and a bit of something about our favorites. The Walt Disney World Resort is enormous. To accompany its...

Top Things To Do in Santa Fe with Kids

  The wild west still lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our family felt it the moment we started walking past adobe structures, lining a brick sidewalk, in the old town square. Cowboys tipped their hats in our direction as we passed by. We basked in their warm...

Best Places to See American Wildlife

  Trekking across a desert? Hacking through a rainforest? Families with kids who are wildlife enthusiasts don’t have to go to extreme lengths to see amazing animals. While travelers often focus on safaris and exotic locales, sometimes we take for granted the...

The Most Fun Things to Do in Sarasota With Family

  Some say Sarasota, Florida is a three-ring circus but that didn’t stop Stephen King, Jerry Springer, and Brian Johnson, of AC/DC fame, from buying homes there.  Because of its colorful past and numerous outdoor offerings, Sarasota is perfect for trips with...

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo at La Placita Olvera, Los Angeles

  Add color and culture into your family’s Cinco de Mayo celebration by visiting historic Olvera Street, the "Birthplace of Los Angeles." Less than a block from Union Station in the heart of Los Angeles, Olvera Street (“La Placita Olvera”) is a conveniently...

9 Perfect California Lighthouses For Kids

  Growing up off the coast of Maine, I found lighthouses fascinating. Everything from how they were designed to the type of lenses they used captivated my young mind like nothing had since I’d learned dinosaurs were a thing. And unlike dinosaurs, which were...

Things To Do in Moab, Utah with Kids In Spring

  Springtime is a pleasant reminder that summer is soon arriving, and that winter is finally leaving! It seems as if all the animals, plants, and trees take part in the celebration by putting on their most gorgeous colors, dressing in their finest frocks. Moab,...

Why the Renaissance Festival in Tennessee Is the Best Family Weekend

  As you drive along the highways just south of Nashville, you may be surprised to see a castle tucked away among the hills. Once a year, a gang of armed soldiers, roving pirates, and traveling merchants take over the castle and its grounds for the Tennessee...

Discover Hidden Gems in Florida With Kids

  Sure, we all know Florida’s a popular tourist destination. In fact, it’s the second most traveled-to-state in the United States. It is the Sunshine State, after all, and there’s plenty of that to go around! Not to mention great theme parks, beautiful beaches...

Best Mother’s Day Gifts For 2022

  Let’s be honest. Moms this year are tired, tired of being tired and ready for a break. Like many others, Moms have endured a pandemic, anxiety, loss, uncertainty, and career transitions.   NO TIME TO ENJOY THIS ARTICLE NOW? PIN IT OR BOOKMARK IT...

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