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Before motherhood, Rina Baraz Nehdar was an award-winning journalist for both television and radio (APTRA and RTNA of SoCal ‘Best Light Feature’, KCSN ‘Best Writer’) – so she tells her tales through photography and video as well as words. She started writing for print media in between her baby’s naps and neglected chores. Since then, several outlets have repeatedly published her work and she is a frequent, happy contributor to Wherever Family and LA Parent Magazine, specializing in Family Travel.

Howard is the reason Rina isn’t traveling full time. He is the grounding spirit in her life. She’s a lucky girl and he has caught a bit of her wandering spirit, enough that his wings have spread and he has flown with her to discover what’s beyond the horizon – with kids in tow – displaying various degrees of cooperation. One constant is that it’s never boring and often caught on film.

We are all fun-loving and adventurous and my boys are great reviewers of all things kids. They love to be the stars of the videos and photos Rina is always taking of them.

We are excited to work with family friendly destinations and are open to reviewing gear that would make our lives easier. Rina loves to tell stories and if you’re looking to share our honest experience with other families in Los Angeles and beyond, she’s your gal.

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