A Perfect Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA

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Close your eyes and try to imagine what it would look like if you plucked a charming old-world village out of the heart of Denmark and dropped it into the middle of Santa Barbara Wine Country. “That’d never happen!” you scoff. “Who’d pair windmills and clogs with grapevines and California sun?” Au contraire, mon ami: such a town does exist, and it just so happens to be one of the best places to spend a romantic weekend in all of Southern California. 





Solvang Pin #1 - A Perfect Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA.



Velkommen til Solvang!


Aptly named Solvang, meaning “sunny field” in Danish, this little village looks like it was pulled straight out of a Hans Christian Andersen fairytale — complete with tall windmills, cross-beamed houses, metal storks on rooves, and row upon row of tidy flower beds — all set against the picturesque landscape of the Santa Ynez Valley, conveniently located two hours from Los Angeles and about four from San Francisco.


As it’s the season of romantic weekend getaways, we thought it’d be remiss of us not to write a guide for the small town of Solvang, CA, as it’s become our family’s go-to destination for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to have a romantic weekend in the Danish Capital of North America. 



Solvang Aebleskiver - A Perfect Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA.

Perfection! (in pastry form). Photo by Madara Moroza on Unsplash.



Nibble On Some Authentic Danish Pastries


First off, you’ve got to try æbleskiver — pronounced AY-bluh-skee-ver — which is a traditional Danish pastry. Literally, it means “apple slices”, but nowadays they’re mostly just made with dough. Usually eaten around Easter and Christmas, these delicious Danish treats have a crunchy exterior — lightly dusted in powdered sugar — and soft, fluffy interior, like a European pancake. 


“While they can be purchased anytime in Solvang’s numerous bakeries, we like to have them for breakfast. Paired with a nice, strong coffee and lots of raspberry jam, they’re the perfect way to start off your romantic retreat.”



Solvang Bakery - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA.

I love the smell of nougat in the morning. Photo by Jamie Hagan on Unsplash.



Not sure where to start? Here are a few of our family’s favorite bakeries in Solvang: 

  • Mortensen’s Bakery, started by a native Dane from Copenhagen, this quaint shop brings you the flavors of Denmark within just a few hours of downtown Los Angeles.
  • Birkholm’s Bakery and Cafe, a family-run bakery offering a good variety of baked-goods and sandwiches right off Solvang’s main street.
  • The Solvang Bakery, from traditional Danish breads to sour tarts, this shop is a must-go for anyone looking to satisfy a morning pastry craving. 



Downton Solvang - A Romantic Getaway in Solvang, CA

Watch out for windmills! Photo by Anthony Fomin on Unsplash.



Wander Around The Village 


You could spend a whole day just admiring the Danish-style architecture and icons that can be found all over Solvang. (We certainly have!) From a mermaid fountain to a giant red clog, round every corner there’s something new and interesting to discover. Plus, the Danes love their windmills, as exemplified by the fact that Solvang has no fewer than five, all within walking distance of each other. These whimsical landmarks serve as a great spot for a rest and romantic photoshoot. We recommend starting on Fifth Street and working your way westwards through the town. Not only does this allow you to take in all the lovely architecture, but it provides you with plenty of shopping and dining options along the way. 


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Clogs for sale - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA

Would you walk a mile in those shoes? Photo by João Guimarães on Unsplash.



Shop For Souvenirs


When else are you going to have the opportunity to take a miniature cuckoo clock back home with you? With over 150 different high-end boutique stores in Solvang, there’s guaranteed to be something to catch your fancy. These European-style shops sell miniature (and full-sized) cuckoo clocks, eensy-weensy clogs, model windmills, exquisite Danish china, and so much more!



Danish Gnomes - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA

You’ll find these Danish gnomes, or Nisser, at the Jul Hus. Photo by Matthew LaMourie.



Our family’s favorite local shops include:

  • Jul Hus, a shop selling authentic European Christmas decorations (year-round!).
  • The Book Loft, your go-to for the works of Hans Christian Andersen.
  • Edelweiss, for sterling silver jewelry, quartz watches, and attractive accessories.
  • Dowdle Gallery, the perfect place to find beautifully crafted puzzles depicting some of the world’s most beautiful destinations — Solvang included!



Jul Hus Solvang, CA - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA.

It’s always Christmas somewhere… Photo by Matthew LaMourie



Brush Up On Your Danish (and U.S.) History


If your family’s anything like ours, then you don’t just like to visit a place. Instead, you feel the burning desire to steep yourself in its history and traditions. In this regard, Solvang has you covered. There’s a museum attached to the Old Mission Saint Ines, which is an absolute must-see for those interested in the region’s history. In addition, there’s a wealth of other museums where you can sate (or whet) your appetite:



Take A Romantic Carriage Ride


I don’t know about you, but my partner and I love riding in horse-drawn carriages. There’s something about the clip-clop of hooves and gentle trundle of the cart that makes us feel cozy and even a little regal. Solvang has its own version of this old-timey mode of transport; it’s called the “Solvang Trolley” and it’s available to ride throughout the year. 



Clocking in at a leisurely two-horsepower, this carriage isn’t for those looking to blast through as much as possible. Rather, it’s an elegant and charming way to tour some of the beautiful Danish-inspired buildings that make Solvang, CA the quaint little village it is. Depending on which option you choose, you can also experience a spoken tour of Solvang and learn about the story of the immigrants who first settled there. 



Ostriches Solvang, CA - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA.

Come feed ostriches and emus at OstrichLand USA. Photo by Jutta Kamp on Unsplash.



Get Outdoors


What’s great about Solvang is that, in addition to its own lovely self, it’s set amidst the gorgeous backdrop of the Santa Ynez Valley. With mile upon mile of gently rolling countryside, it’s the perfect spot for a bike ride, picnic, and hike.


Some of our family’s favorite outdoor activities include:

  • Vino Vaqueros, a 90-minute guided horseback tour through vineyards and country; the best part? You get to drink the wine from the vineyard you’ve just passed through at the end!
  • OstrichLand USA, a petting zoo for ostriches just a short drive from the Solvang town center.
  • Hans Christian Andersen Park, an excellent spot for a relaxing day and romantic picnic. 



Wine Tasting Solvang, CA - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA.

The perfect liquid lunch. Photo by Chelsea Pridham on Unsplash.



Go Wine Tasting


Smack-dab in the middle of Santa Barbara Wine Country, it’s no surprise that Solvang has its fair share of wine tasting rooms. With over 20 tasting rooms available, you can savor the world-class wines at your leisure, while also enjoying views of the gorgeous Santa Ynez Valley. 


Prefer to go visit the wine at the source? Well when you visit Solvang, you can! Many of the wines you’ll sample in town are grown within a few miles of the village and processed at nearby wineries. What’s more, many of them offer tours of their vines, as well as transportation, so you can enjoy the wines to your heart’s content. Just imagine, endless rolling hills, row upon row of vines, and a delicious vintage to sip: doesn’t get much more romantic than that.


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Savor Danish Cuisine - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA

Bon appétit, or as they say in Denmark, “Velbekomme!” Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash.



Savor Authentic Danish Cuisine


My partner and I love to savor local wines as an aperitif, naturally to be followed by a delicious dinner. In addition to the Danish bakeries we’ve mentioned, some of the best wine country cuisine can be found in Solvang, CA.


“Most restaurants and shops close early on weekdays. Be sure to arrive early so as to enjoy everything Solvang, CA has to offer.” 


A few of our family’s favorites are below:

  • Paula’s Pancake House, excellent spot for breakfast food and cozy atmosphere
  • Red Viking Restaurant, where you can get a smorgasbord of traditional Danish entrees
  • Bit O’ Denmark, snuggled into one of Solvang’s most historical buildings, this spot offers both Danish and American cuisine at unbeatable prices
  • First and Oak Restaurant, located at the quaint Mirabelle Inn, this classy restaurant offers multi-course meals that are sure to accentuate any romantic evening
  • Mad and Vin, meaning “food and wine” in Danish, this upscale restaurant offers seasonal foods from all over the Santa Ynez Valley. 



When You Go




Set right off the scenic US-101 N coastal highway, Solvang is easily within driving distance of Los Angeles. Our family lives in Pasadena, and it takes us about two and a half hours to reach there, with one or two stops along the way for honey. We recommend starting early to beat the LA traffic, and so you can start off the day fresh with that delish æbleskiver.



Cozy Fireplace - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA

Cozy up by the fire with a book of Scandinavian fairytales (or mystery). Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash.



Where To Stay


Solvang is a popular tourist destination and offers a variety of romantic hotels and inns that can fit any family’s budget, from luxury to economy. Below, you’ll find our top three picks for where to stay during your idyllic escape. 


Self described as a “retreat from the routine and a haven for recharging,” the Winston Solvang is a world-class luxury hotel offering the very best in fine dining and modern amenities. With its staff just a text away, this establishment prides itself on going the extra mile to ensure your personal satisfaction. Requests on how the guest rooms are stocked can be made ahead of time, so everything you need is there right when you arrive. Plus, this boutique hotel looks like a medieval castle the Danish Royal Family might have vacationed in, complete with haunted bell tower and artistic brick architecture. 

In the middle of it all, the Wine Valley Inn & Cottages has a friendly staff, free wifi and it’s within easy walking distance of many wine tasting rooms and only 20 minutes from more than 40 acclaimed wineries & vineyards.

In the middle of it all, the Wine Valley Inn is one of the great places to stay in Solvang, CA. They have a wonderful wine bar full of local wines, a friendly staff, and it’s within easy walking distance of many wine tasting rooms and only 20 minutes from more than 40 acclaimed wineries & vineyards.

Newly renovated and furnished in the modern Danish style, the Atterdag Inn is a chic and happening place to stay for a weekend retreat. These comfortable and bright rooms look out over a private courtyard and are located just steps away from some of the best wine bars and restaurants in town. Each room includes modern amenities and offers lovely views of the surrounding hills. 

Quirky and cozy, the Svendsgaard’s Danish Lodge is a family-run inn located in the heart of downtown Solvang. The building is of traditional Danish design, with lots of cross-beams and an enormous brick fireplace in the common room. After a long day of exploring, what could feel better than to slip into this hotel’s bubbling hot tub and reminisce about all the delicious pastries you tried? 



Honorable Mention:


In addition to the options above, we’d like to give a special shoutout to the Solvang Alisal Vacation Cottages. Instead of a single hotel room, you’ll get a cozy cottage all to yourself. Each cottage is uniquely furnished with antiques from around the area. Amenities include a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and private porch. To top it off, these cottages are located less than a block away from restaurants, wine bars, pubs, and — lest we forget — an old-timey windmill.



Sunset Over Solvang - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang California

Take a romantic stroll at golden hour and watch Solvang’s Danish architecture come alive. Photo by Alfonso Reyes on Unsplash.



Final Thoughts


In our opinion, one of the best things to do on a romantic retreat is to enjoy a nice glass of wine and get cozy, preferably by a crackling fire. There’s literally a Danish word for this — hygge — for which there’s no true English equivalent. Essentially, it’s a feeling of coziness and conviviality shared with those you love. 


It was this feeling of hygge that first attracted us to Solvang. The whole town seems to exude warmth and friendliness, and that’s not just the wine talking. For those living in Los Angeles, San Francisco or even San Diego, it honestly is the perfect place for a romantic getaway. It’s close enough to drive to, but far enough away to give you that much-needed feeling of having “gotten away”. We hope after reading this guide that you’re inspired to check Solvang out for yourself. After all, those æbleskiver aren’t going to eat themselves. God rejse!





Solvang Pin #2 - A Romantic Getaway In Solvang, CA



Matthew LaMourie is a travel writer and photographer based in San Francisco, CA. A natural explorer, he specializes in finding out of the way places, even in the most well trodden of destinations. When not on the road, he devotes his time to his loving family, his water color painting, and just walking around his adoptive city, ever curious to see what’s round the next corner.


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