Affiliate links…what’s that?!?

Hi friends! Welcome to the age of the guinea pig! What does that mean? It means you can now sit back from the comfort of your home, car – or cozy bar stool – and read about the places, products and properties that someone you trust has experienced so they can tell you about how it went. You can decide, based on what you read, whether you too want to recreate or undertake their journey. For free!

We’ve done the dirty work. We didn’t know either before we started, what a thing would feel like or how it would make us feel. We did it to experience it and we wrote about it so you could know what we discovered. Also, because we’re not made of money, sometimes a company will donate an activity or stay at a property so we could write about it on this website, essentially shouting from the rooftops, about what we thought. We’ll let you know in the article if this is the case.

Unless it rocked, though, you probably won’t read about it here because, although we want to be honest, we don’t want to ridicule anybody’s dream if they worked hard and it still fell flat. That’s mean and we’re not mean. We will mention the drawbacks of an experience that produced mixed feelings in us, though, so you can decide for yourself if it’s worth doing anyway.

Also, we would never align ourselves with any company or product that went against our values of good health, equality, environmental stewardship, and general goodwill toward our fellow humans.

If we’re lucky, some of the product or property links you click on will earn us a small commission and help keep this website ad-free (if you decide to buy or experience them yourself). Some. Not all. If we do earn a commission, you won’t be affected in any way except, maybe, you’ll feel good that our investment of hundreds of hours of our “free” time to make this website a valuable family resource is FINALLY starting to pay for itself. Though. That’ll probably take a while. You won’t pay anything extra for your product or property and if we can find you a coupon or get you a discount, we will certainly do that because who doesn’t love a great deal?!

We wish you all the love!