Affiliate links…what’s that?!?

Hi friends! Wel­come to the age of the guinea pig! What does that mean? It means you can now sit back from the com­fort of your home, car — or cozy bar stool — and read about the places, prod­ucts and prop­er­ties that some­one you trust has expe­ri­enced so they can tell you about how it went. You can decide, based on what you read, whether you too want to recre­ate or under­take their jour­ney. For free!

We’ve done the dirty work. We did­n’t know either before we start­ed, what a thing would feel like or how it would make us feel. We did it to expe­ri­ence it and we wrote about it so you could know what we dis­cov­ered. Also, because we’re not made of mon­ey, some­times a com­pa­ny will donate an activ­i­ty or stay at a prop­er­ty so we could write about it on this web­site, essen­tial­ly shout­ing from the rooftops, about what we thought. We’ll let you know in the arti­cle if this is the case.

Unless it rocked, though, you prob­a­bly won’t read about it here because, although we want to be hon­est, we don’t want to ridicule any­body’s dream if they worked hard and it still fell flat. That’s mean and we’re not mean. We will men­tion the draw­backs of an expe­ri­ence that pro­duced mixed feel­ings in us, though, so you can decide for your­self if it’s worth doing anyway.

Also, we would nev­er align our­selves with any com­pa­ny or prod­uct that went against our val­ues of good health, equal­i­ty, envi­ron­men­tal stew­ard­ship, and gen­er­al good­will toward our fel­low humans.

If we’re lucky, some of the prod­uct or prop­er­ty links you click on will earn us a small com­mis­sion and help keep this web­site ad-free (if you decide to buy or expe­ri­ence them your­self). Some. Not all. If we do earn a com­mis­sion, you won’t be affect­ed in any way except, maybe, you’ll feel good that our invest­ment of hun­dreds of hours of our “free” time to make this web­site a valu­able fam­i­ly resource is FINALLY start­ing to pay for itself. Though. That’ll prob­a­bly take a while. You won’t pay any­thing extra for your prod­uct or prop­er­ty and if we can find you a coupon or get you a dis­count, we will cer­tain­ly do that because who does­n’t love a great deal?!

We wish you all the love!