Bordeaux With Kids? Yes, It’s Possible!

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Bordeaux with kids? Yes, it’s possible! While tasty red wine may be the first thing on your mind, this kid-friendly city has a lot to offer for family fun. Bordeaux is a large city on the West Coast of France that was physically untouched by the Second World War. Thanks to this, in Bordeaux you will find some of the most breathtaking architecture in the country. Yet, how can you take on this beautiful place with little ones in tow? Luckily, there are loads of fun activities and educational opportunities the whole family can enjoy. Here are 8 Fun Family Activities in Bordeaux.




Hike the Dune du Pilat

As a mom, some of the best activities are the ones that get your kids’ energy out and leave a huge smile on their faces. That’s why the enormous Dune du Pilat makes for a great day trip outside of the city. The dune is the largest in Europe and looks out at the Atlantic Ocean. Spend a hot summer day at the beach with your kids splashing in the water. You’ll love watching them climb up the dune and run down into the ocean. Feeling strong? Join them for the treacherous hike. Then, get ready for a quiet car ride home as the tired little ones sleep in the back seat. 


Sand dunes - things to do in Bordeaux with kids

Most people don’t think of the beach when they think of Bordeaux, but the Dune du Pilat is a must-visit for nature-loving families. Photo by Richard Masquelier on Unsplash.


Splash Around in The Miroir D’Eau

If you do a quick Google Image search of Bordeaux, this iconic spot is guaranteed to pop up.  The Miroir D’Eau, or Water Mirror, is a large stretch of water just in front of the famous Place de la Bourse. On warm days, kids love to splash around in the water, and you won’t mind cooling off your feet either. Plus, if you’re lucky, you might get to see a street performer show off on their skimboard. Bonus: come back at night to see the lights of The Place de la Bourse reflected in the pool. It’s magical! 


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Watch a Puppet Show in the Park

There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned puppet show. The Guignol Guerin Theater is home to the oldest puppet show in France which began in 1853. July through August of each summer, crowds gather at the Parc Bordelais to laugh and cry at the show. It is a true fan favorite with the little ones who will sit enchanted by the performance. It usually starts around 4 pm however it can be canceled due to rain.  Then, explore the grounds, the pond, and the wildlife the space has to offer. 


PRO-TIP: Pick up some fresh French bread and cheese and have a picnic in the park before the show begins.


Grand Theater of Bordeaux - things to do in Bordeaux with kids

Bordeaux was physically untouched by World War II. The architecture you see here can’t be found elsewhere in France. Photo by Clovis Wood Photography.


Shop and Create at Le Puits d’Amour

Le Puits d’Amour is a small concept store and workshop found near the center of the city. Here, you’ll find adorable kid’s toys, home decor, and an atelier (workshop) for the kiddos. They’ll be able to use wood, leather, and other materials to create special pieces of art as souvenirs of their time in the city. This is a great activity to keep in mind for a rainy day in Bordeaux with kids. 


Bike Path next to La Garonne - Things to do in Bordeaux with kids

The quays next to the Garonne make excellent bike paths (even in the winter!) Photo by Vince Gx on Unsplash.


Take a Bike Ride Through Town

One of the best ways to see the city of Bordeaux is by bike. Rent a bike and take a trip down the quay alongside the Garonne river. This is also the perfect adventure for kids who need to get out lots of energy. Go North to visit the Cité du Vin Museum (Yes, it’s kid-friendly), or go South to see all of the lovely bridges the city has to offer. As you ride, be sure to keep an eye out for some of these famous France landmarks!


Jacques Chaban Delmas Bridge - things to do in Bordeaux with kids

Bordeaux is full of beautiful bridges, both new and old. Photo by Antoine Demare on Unsplash.


Boat Cruise on the Garonne

If you have small kids who can’t bike, a boat tour on the Garonne river is another great way to see the sights. The Garonne runs through Bordeaux and is surrounded on every side by the city’s beauty. These tours are guided even in English and will take you through the city from a new perspective. Go under beautiful bridges and learn about the historical architecture on the river. If your kids like water or boats, this is the perfect activity for your family in Bordeaux. 


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Cap Sciences

Don’t let a rainy day in Bordeaux stop your family from enjoying your vacation. Cap Sciences is an indoor museum even parents enjoy. The interactive science exhibits aren’t just fun, they’re educational. (Who says you can’t study for science class on vacation?) There are events for kids to learn about wildlife, the solar system, archeology, and more. Every exhibit is entertaining, interactive, and geared toward kids.



Visit a Fairytale Castle

Looking for something you won’t see back home? The Chateau de Brède is a great choice. After years of reading your children bedtime stories about knights saving the princess in the castle, they can finally visit one in real life. You can find the chateau just south of the city. Guided tours are available for your family to learn about the history of the building and who lived there. Plus, the ticket booth sells ice cream for those who want a royally sweet snack.


When You Go



Best Time To Visit Bordeaux

The ideal trip to Bordeaux would be in the summer or the fall. Keep in mind that summer in France is hot and air conditioning is rare. However, if you go between June and August, you will be rewarded by smaller crowds. If you’re a wine buff, fall is the best time to make a trip to this wonderful city. Take a tour through a vineyard and taste the wine the region has to offer — it’s some of the best in the world!


How to Get to Bordeaux

The fastest way to get to Bordeaux is by taking a series of flights from Los Angeles to Bordeaux. This will almost always include a layover in Paris. To save some money traveling to Bordeaux, book a train from Paris instead of a flight. Or, for a little extra adventure, you could stay in Paris for a night after your long flight, then take the train the next day. Additionally, there are plenty of day trips you can take from Bordeaux. A day trip to Saint Emilion is a quick and easy one!

 A wonderful resource we use to start our research on flights is Expedia!


Where to Stay in Bordeaux With Kids

Bordeaux is a beautiful city that’s perfect for a family getaway. However, where you lay your head at night doesn’t need to break the bank. The Eklo eco-friendly hotel is a great choice for families on a budget. For those who are looking for a mid-range option, the Hôtel Singulier is a perfect choice. For those who want to pamper their families, you can stay in a castle amidst rolling fields of grapevines at Château Pape Clément.




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