2024 Father’s Day Gift Guide for Traveling Dads

by | Jun 1, 2024 | Family Adventures, Travel Tips

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For many of us, fathers are where we first picked up our taste for travel. Whether road tripping with Dad or fly fishing with Grandpa, these men inspired a lifelong love of family adventure and new experiences. So it’s only fitting that we say thank you with these travel-ready Father’s Day gifts for the amazing dads and father figures in our lives. 



Father's Day Gifts: Thoughful Ideas for the Dad Who Loves Adventure


Reliable Carry-On Suitcase

If there’s one thing dads appreciate, it’s efficiency, especially when it comes to travel. This durable, hard-shell Away suitcase comes with features to make traveling easy, including a water-resistant laundry bag and a TSA-approved phone charger built right into the case. $275 at awaytravel.com. Wrangler makes a less expensive version with a cup holder/USB port/phone carrier built right into the back of the suitcase for $56.


Nikon's new mirrorless camera. Father's Day gift ideas 2022

Modern innovation meets vintage style in Nikon’s mirrorless camera. Photo courtesy of Nikon.


Nikon Mirrorless Camera

The latest developments in mirrorless cameras offer high-quality photography without the bulkiness of DSLR kits, making these cameras perfect for travel and adventures. The Nikon Z fc camera features retro styling and a size that works well for handheld shots. Beginner photographers will find this camera easy to use. Experienced ones will love the option of additional lenses. $1100 at Amazon.com. Spend just a few bucks more and get the complete bundle with lenses, a bag, and memory cards for $1194.


The Nisolo Dopp Kit

Nisolo’s Durango Dopp Kit brings a sustainable quality to this traditional Father’s Day gift, along with a good dose of cool. This waxed canvas bag, with leather details, is handmade by artisans in Mexico who are paid a living wage in Nisolo’s factory. Nisolo offsets 100% of its carbon emissions and is certified as a B Corporation, so this is a gift that also gives back to the planet. $60 at Nisolo.com. 


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If the dad in your life likes to be ready for anything, he’ll love this wind-proof, splash-proof USB lighter. Whether he’s serving as grillmaster on the family camping trip or saving a birthday party when those candles refuse to light, he’ll be the hero with this rechargeable, pocket-friendly lighter. $9 at Amazon.com.


A leather passport cover that allows travelers to mark where they've visited. Father's Day gift ideas 2022

Seasoned travelers can check off destinations in a variety of colors with this leather passport cover from Chasing Threads. Photo by Christy Nicholson.


Stitch Where You’ve Been Passport Cover

They just don’t give out passport stamps like they used to. No more stamps when journeying through the EU or disembarking from cruises. Plus, shiny, new (and stampless) passports are issued every ten years in that pesky passport renewal process! Travelers no longer have a way to show a record of their journeys by filling those paper books with stamps from where they’ve been. Instead, Dad can show off his country count (and keep that passport safe) by marking his travels with the Stitch Where You’ve Been Passport Cover. This sleek passport wallet is available in a variety of leather and vegan leather colors. $36 at ChasingThreads.com. 


Keen Boots

Treat Dad to the ultimate adventure shoes with a pair of Keen hiking boots. Choose a pair based on frequent family adventures. Hiking in the desert? Try a vented model. Prefer to splash across creeks and through mud? Go for a waterproof boot. The all-terrain rubber soles provide extra traction to make trekking easy but won’t mark up indoor flooring. $150 at Amazon. 


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Bombas Compression Socks

Ready for another traditional dad gift? These Everyday Compression Socks from Bombas put a travel-ready spin on socks with pairs that are just right for plane trips. This two-pair set even comes with its own gift bag. For every pair of socks Bombas sells, another pair is donated to a homeless shelter. $53 at Bombas.com.


Sturdy, olive green yeti cooler is a great gift for dads who love to camp. Father's Day gift ideas 2022

Give Dad the ultimate camping cred with a sturdy Yeti cooler. Photo by Hans Isaacson on Unsplash.


Yeti Cooler

If the dad in your life appreciates a good day’s adventure and good engineering, he’ll love the Yeti 35 Tundra Hard Cooler. Made to fit on a four-wheeler or in an inner tube, the Yeti will keep supplies safe all day long. Durable construction and heavy-duty insulation mean no worries when it comes to keeping food cold. Better yet: when used with Master Lock padlocks, the cooler becomes bear-proof food storage for the next camping trip. Or so they say. $275 at Amazon.


Laka Cooler

Coming in several color choices, the Laka Cooler is a smart alternative to the Yeti with a slightly smaller price tag and a super convenient rolling feature. No need to schlepp the heavily weighted, well-constructed cooler. Just roll it behind you. It’s thick and well-insulated for days of cool enclosure, and the latches also make it critter-proof. The colors are fun, and you won’t confuse about which is yours if you get the neon yellow one, like ours! Enjoy it at $239 on Amazon.


bright blue cooler


Garmin Solar Smartwatch

Dad can navigate anywhere quickly and confidently with the Garmin Forerunner 995 Solar smartwatch. GPS, full-color maps, and turn-by-turn navigation are among the features of this smartwatch powerhouse. A solar charging feature extends battery life to up to 20 days, while heart rate and pulse ox monitoring keep tabs on health stats. Plus, Dad can use contactless Garmin pay to grab coffee at the end of his morning jog. $600 at Garmin.com. If saving a few bucks is a priority, then Amazon has a non-solar option for $399.



Geekey Multi-Tool

Need something fixed, opened, or measured? Dad can leave his toolbox at home but still come to the rescue with this multi-tool from Geekey. The key-shaped tool is TSA-compliant and includes screwdriver tips, wrenches, a wire stripper, a ruler, and more. $20 at Amazon. 


A framed map of the world with magnetic pins to mark travel plans. Father's Day gift ideas 2022

Travel-savvy dads can turn the living room or office into trip-planning central with this magnetic map from National Geographic. Photo by Christy Nicholson.


National Geographic Magnetic Wall Map

The father in your life will love planning family trips for the next five years on this gorgeous wall map from National Geographic. This framed map has a magnetic surface and comes with magnetized pins in a variety of colors. The map makes it easy for travelers to plot where they’ve been and plan where to go next. $99 at Target.com. Amazon has the push pin variety for $139.


Yoder Leather Money Belt

Dads take fiscal responsibility and family security very seriously, and we love them for it! I’ve seen more than one dad spend trips tethered to one of those cotton money belts to make sure no one falls victim to a pickpocket. Treat Dad to an upgraded version with this made-in-the-USA belt from Yoder Leather Company, which features a zippered pocket for stashing bills hidden on the inside of the belt. $65 at Amazon.com.


Every Man Jack deoderant in Cedarwood. The travel-size sets make great gifts!

Every Man Jack offers their plant-derived, cruelty-free products in travel-ready sizes (bonus: they smell good, too!). Photo by Christy Nicholson.


Every Man Jack Travel Kit

Make trip prep easy with this set of travel-sized grooming essentials from Every Man Jack. The kit features deodorant, 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, body wash, and hand sanitizer in TSA-approved containers. The brand is cruelty-free, so no products were tested on animals. $20 at EveryManJack.com, or get this one that comes with its own Dopp bag from Amazon for $24.99.


To the fathers who started us on our journeys, and to the ones who are raising the next generation of travelers, we appreciate all you have given us. Thank you for showing us that the world is a place worth exploring. 



Travel Gifts for Dads: Father's Day Gifts for the Next Great Adventure


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