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When we sailed the West­ern Caribbean and mom­my wrote an arti­cle for Glob­al Trav­el­er Mag­a­zine, she also forced asked us to share our thoughts about the trip so our kid friends around the world could know how it was from our per­spec­tive. She made a video about it below.

This first post is about our two days in Mia­mi before the sail­ing. Mom­my’s ver­sion of events appears here.

Since we got to skip school to go on the trip, we had to go on Inde­pen­dent Study so our school would­n’t lose any mon­ey from our absence.

Independent Study Contract

Inde­pen­dent Study Contract

Part of the assign­ments would have been to jour­nal about our trip so we guess we would have had to do it any­way. Here are our entries that mom made had us write every day before dinner.

Day 1 Miami:

boy's journal

Accord­ing to Mer­ri­am Web­ster to translit­er­ate is: to rep­re­sent or spell in the char­ac­ters of anoth­er alphabet

Kaleb — age 10 — My favorite part of the day was the arcade. Me and Knox played Fort­nite. I love Fort­nite. It is my favorite game. Anoth­er two things I liked was our pool cabana and kayak­ing in the ocean. I liked day one. I hope I like day two.

(Parental com­men­tary: Kaleb loves to talk and joke around but does­n’t love to write. I may switch his part of the com­men­tary to video at some point. The Loews Mia­mi Beach Hotel has a game room for kids. Obvi­ous­ly that was the big hit. In the boy’s defense, they did make friends there and now play Fort­nite with them at home.)

boy's journal day 1

I’m sure he’ll be a doc­tor when he grows up. Just look at his handwriting!

Knox — age 8 — My favorite part of the day was kayak­ing. The oth­er good parts were the pool and arcade.

(Parental com­men­tary: Well, at least he appre­ci­at­ed the nov­el­ty of the offer­ings in the Loews Mia­mi Beach Hotel more than the activ­i­ties he could also do at home (Fort­nite). The Loews Mia­mi Beach Hotel offers many beach­side activ­i­ties includ­ing snor­kel­ing and kayak­ing, beach games and even a kid’s camp. Knox loves the ocean as much as we do, so this was def­i­nite­ly a high­light for him.)

Day 2 — Broward County

There was a lot we did in the two days we spent in Flori­da but appar­ent­ly mom­my did­n’t make us write about the sec­ond day prob­a­bly because it was so hard when she made us do it the first time. So we she made a video instead. Check out the Nor­we­gian Get­away sail­ing we did right after this one here!