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When we sailed the Western Caribbean and mommy wrote an article for Global Traveler Magazine, she also forced asked us to share our thoughts about the trip so our kid friends around the world could know how it was from our perspective. She made a video about it below.

This first post is about our two days in Miami before the sailing. Mommy's version of events appears here.

Since we got to skip school to go on the trip, we had to go on Independent Study so our school wouldn't lose any money from our absence.

Independent Study Contract

Independent Study Contract

Part of the assignments would have been to journal about our trip so we guess we would have had to do it anyway. Here are our entries that mom made had us write every day before dinner.

Day 1 Miami:

boy's journal

According to Merriam Webster to transliterate is: to represent or spell in the characters of another alphabet

Kaleb - age 10 - My favorite part of the day was the arcade. Me and Knox played Fortnite. I love Fortnite. It is my favorite game. Another two things I liked was our pool cabana and kayaking in the ocean. I liked day one. I hope I like day two.

(Parental commentary: Kaleb loves to talk and joke around but doesn't love to write. I may switch his part of the commentary to video at some point. The Loews Miami Beach Hotel has a game room for kids. Obviously that was the big hit. In the boy's defense, they did make friends there and now play Fortnite with them at home.)

boy's journal day 1

I'm sure he'll be a doctor when he grows up. Just look at his handwriting!

Knox - age 8 - My favorite part of the day was kayaking. The other good parts were the pool and arcade.

(Parental commentary: Well, at least he appreciated the novelty of the offerings in the Loews Miami Beach Hotel more than the activities he could also do at home (Fortnite). The Loews Miami Beach Hotel offers many beachside activities including snorkeling and kayaking, beach games and even a kid's camp. Knox loves the ocean as much as we do, so this was definitely a highlight for him.)

Day 2 - Broward County

There was a lot we did in the two days we spent in Florida but apparently mommy didn't make us write about the second day probably because it was so hard when she made us do it the first time. So we she made a video instead. Check out the Norwegian Getaway sailing we did right after this one here!