Glen Ivy Hot Springs: A Perfect L.A. Girls’ Day Trip

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Moms deserve a vacation. Pretty much always but especially in Los Angeles with its ceaseless hustle and bustle. 



Glen Ivy Hot Springs, a perfect Los Angeles day trip or weekend getaway


Glen Ivy Hot Springs is the ideal Los Angeles day trip or weekend getaway oasis with pools made of dreams, delicious California-grown food, mud baths, a grotto, mineral baths, and massages. It is the perfect place for mom to finally catch her breath. It’s only an hour from the heart of Los Angeles. This is my escape, whenever possible because Glen Ivy Hot Springs is always worth the trip. 


DON’T MISS! Enjoy the many amenities offered, including 19 healing mineral pools, Club Mud and Ivy Kitchen, during warm summer nights as the sun sets. Evenings at Glen Ivy runs Friday through Sunday May 17 to October 20. Evenings at Glen Ivy will be offered on Memorial Day.  Guests can now book an evening admission for Monday, May 27 from 4 – 9 p.m.


The Pools

Pools - Glen Ivy Hot Springs - A Perfect Los Angeles Daytrip


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Glen Ivy Hot Springs has 10 different kinds of pools that not only leave you feeling refreshed but also comfortable with how far you can socially distance. 


The best pools (IMHO) are the saline, mineral, and roman baths. There are also good ‘ol fashioned lounge pools where you can soak up the Southern California sun.  You can order drinks and food to enjoy by the lounge pool. My friends and I love to start the day laying out at the lounge pool with an iced coffee and then head to the mineral baths. There’s even a lap pool if you want to squeeze a bit of a workout in between your zen. I have not actually used the lap pool because when I go I am more in the mood to float and chill rather than workout, but everyone has their own form of relaxation.



Club Mud

Club Mud - Glen Ivy Hot Springs Los Angeles day trip with girl friends


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There are a few can’t miss features of the Glen Ivy Hot Springs. Club Mud is definitely one of them. Club Mud is essentially a pool of California Red Clay that you can lather in and sunbathe. My skin has never been as soft as when I rinse off the California Red Clay. Club Mud is open all day long and is included in your admission fee. 


The Grotto

Another feature that you can’t pass up if you make the day trip to Glen Ivy Hot Springs is the Grotto. You go into a series of steamy caves and paint a warm aloe vera, coconut oil, eucalyptus, shea butter, and lavender masque on yourself from head to toe. You exit the caves refreshed with a nice cup of cucumber water or hot tea. The grotto experience is an additional $25, but is definitely worth it. Unfortunately, the Grotto is closed due to COVID right now, but as soon as it is safe to enjoy I would recommend including it in your trip. Club Mud is still open for you to enjoy so that is a nice alternative to the Grotto. 


Pro tip: Make sure to make a reservation for the Grotto and any other additional services you may want because they regularly get filled. Reservations are required for all guests now and can be made by calling 1-888-GLENIVY.


Additional Services

massage at Glen Ivy Hot Springs Los Angeles day trip with girl friends


There are a wide variety of other services you can reserve ranging from massages, scrubs, manicures and facials. I love the Aromasoul Massage with the added CBD enhancement. Everytime I leave Glen Ivy Hot Springs I feel renewed because of their amazing massages. If I am really in the mood to treat myself, then I also opt for a manicure and pedicure, which you can get poolside! You can even get a quartz massage where the masseuse uses the dry heat of quartz sand to reduce muscle and joint pain. These services are an additional fee but definitely worth it if you need a good massage. You can make a day out of enjoying the range of pools and Club Mud!  


Food and Drinks

Glen Ivy Hot Springs day trip best onsite restaurant


You can comfortably spend the day at Glen Ivy Hot Springs because of the delicious food and drinks you can have on-site. The restaurant is farm-to-table and they offer the best California cuisine has to offer. There is also a Chill Zone where you can get your favorite juices, smoothies, and frozen yogurt. 


Girls’ Trips

If you want to go with a group of girlfriends, then you can reserve a cabana for 2-6 people. A cabana is great for a birthday celebration or bridal party. I did this for my birthday one year and it was a hit! You can get a semi-private cabana to enjoy poolside or a private cabana for larger parties where you can have your own private space with comfortable lounging areas and an outdoor fire pit. The cabanas are more expensive, starting at $425 per person versus $175 per person.  If you can’t splurge for the cabana, then there are plenty of comfortable lounging areas throughout the facilities.


Evening Events

Typically Glen Ivy Hot Springs offers some evening events that are great to enjoy with a glass of wine or two, but they have stopped the evening activities for now because of COVID. I would recommend making another trip, later on, to enjoy the evening events because you get to see a whole other side of Glen Ivy Hot Springs. 



Day Trips 


Temecula Valley Wineries 

If you want to make a weekend out of your trip to Glen Ivy Hot Springs, then I would take a day to visit some of the local wineries because California wine is amazing and even better when you get to experience it where it is grown. There are a few wineries not too far from Glen Ivy Hot Springs, which is in Temescal Valley. A great winery not too far away is Galleano Winery. They have a great Zinfandel for fellow red wine fans out there and a 90th anniversary cream Sherry for white wine fanatics.  Another winery close by is the Ontario San Antonio Winery location. You can enjoy a wine flight and delicious food on the vineyard at the San Antonio Winery. 


Horseback Riding 

If you are making a weekend out of enjoying the Glen Ivy Hot Springs, then one of my favorite things to do while I am in Temescal Valley is to go horseback riding. There are few horseback riding companies to choose from close to Temescal Valley. One of my favorites is Sunshine and Daydreams Horseback Riding. You can take a sunset horseback ride or a trail ride down the riverbed. Trail riding is always a great way to get to know an area a little bit more. 


Things to Know Before you Go 

Glen Ivy Hot Springs is open 9am-5pm daily and there are classes on the weekends, including yoga, meditation, aqua yoga and aqua fit that are all included with your day visit pass.  Reservations are required for all guests now and can be made by calling 1-888-GLENIVY.


Getting There



Glen Ivy is about 59 miles from downtown Los Angeles. Like most trips you take leaving from Los Angeles, it can take longer if you leave on a Friday afternoon. Take the 5 South to the 91 East to the 15 South towards San Diego and then exit on Temescal Canyon Rd. From Temescal Canyon Rd. drive to Glen Ivy Rd and you will find paradise. 


Where to Stay 

The closest place to stay is Staybridge Suites if you would like to make a weekend out of your trip, but you can also make Glen Ivy Hot Springs a day trip! 

Or use this interactive map to find where you’d like to be on the days you want to go:




Glen Ivy Hotsprings - the perfect day trip for girl friends and moms from Los Angeles


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