Romantic Tennessee Getaway to a Terralodge Treehouse

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Tucked away in the green forests of Tennessee, off a rural road that winds past farms and ponds, we found a beautiful place to relax and escape from the busy pace of city life.

“It’s perfect,” I said to my husband. “Absolutely perfect.”

The peaceful surroundings of Terralodge in Monteagle, Tennessee, were exactly what I needed when searching for a place my husband and I could spend our anniversary. With saltwater hot tubs, picturesque firepits, and no distractions, the idyllic treehouses at Terralodge are truly the perfect place for a romantic getaway. 



Romantic Tennessee Treehouse: Escape to Terralodge in Monteagle, TN


The Dove Treehouse

Each treehouse at Terralodge offers a slightly different experience. We chose the Dove treehouse for its beauty and secluded setting, as well as the fact that its small size provided just the cozy atmosphere we wanted. 

When we walked in, I fell in love with the vibrant design of the furnishings, the light streaming through the high windows, and the earthy feel of the surrounding building. The bed was so comfortably soft that once I lay down to test it out I didn’t want to get back up again. There was a large, flat-screen TV with cable channels and free wi-fi in case we wanted to watch a movie, but we preferred the scenery outside our window. 


Rustic wood paneling with a modern, comfortable bed in a Terralodge Treehouse

Modern furnishings combined with rustic decor made the treehouse feel sleek but cozy. Photo by Christy Nicholson.


My favorite part of the treehouse, hands-down, was the back deck. We sat in patio chairs before dinner, gazing out into the woods and enjoying the quiet and isolation. After our dinner date, we relaxed in the two-person saltwater hot tub and chatted about life and our hopes for the future. Crickets and frogs provided a Tennessee summer soundtrack in the nearby trees. 

Pro-Tip: Additional treehouses are under construction nearby, and the leafless winter months will mean slightly less privacy. If you’re shy about your swimsuit, take a blanket or towel to hang up by the hot tub.


A saltwarer hot tub with a backdrop of green trees

Despite visiting on a 100-degree day, we couldn’t wait to try the saltwater hot tub. We just turned down the temp and turned up the bubbles. Photo by Christy Nicholson.


Year-Round Comfort

We stayed at our treehouse during a blazing hot week in the summer, so we didn’t end up using the adorable firepit. But I was excited to see that everything needed for s’mores was waiting for us right in the kitchen, including roasting sticks and mini-chocolate bars. The treehouse will remain comfy in the winter thanks to the gas fireplace (some of the newer treehouses even have woodburning stoves).


A hammock, Adirondack chairs, and string lights around a firepit

We found peace, quiet, and beautiful views (and we didn’t have to trek out to Yellowstone National Park, the Sahara Desert, or the middle of the Atlantic Ocean to find it).  Photo by Christy Nicholson.


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Is It Family-Friendly?

Technically, the Dove treehouse sleeps two, but you can book a stay with two adults plus two younger children. The treehouse is equipped with an air mattress in addition to the king-size bed, but the dining area only has two bar stools, and four people would make the cabin feel a bit crowded.

Some of the other treehouses in Terralodge offer bigger capacity, including the Cabin, which can host ten guests with its three king beds (including one with a private bathroom) and four twin beds. The Cabin also offers a foosball table as well as a large hot tub and two fire pits. (During our stay at the Dove, we occasionally heard excited kids babbling in the distance. It sounded like a family with young children had rented the Cabin for a fun overnight trip.) 

The treehouses also are perfect places to create a chill spa day during a girls’ weekend. And if you want to plan a trip with your best friend’s family, you can each rent your own treehouse and be just a short walk away (with a better view than most hotel rooms!). 


Pro-Tip: Need a place that’s pet-friendly? Most of the treehouses welcome well-behaved dogs.


A full kitchen in a Terralodge treehouse

The full kitchen means you can easily prepare your favorite meals right in the treehouse (the oven and stove are tiny, but they’re adequate unless you’re cooking a giant feast). Photo by Christy Nicholson.


Where to Eat

During our stay, we enjoyed a romantic date night at The High Point, a local restaurant with locally sourced gourmet dishes that are incredible. The High Point is tucked in a gorgeous, old house that allegedly hosted Al Capone during Prohibition. 

For a quick bite, I recommended grabbing a sandwich at the Mountain Goat Market. But be ready for a wait; the market is popular with locals and incoming tourists alike, and lines can stretch out the door.

The treehouses have full kitchens, so you also can grab supplies at Moonies Market or the local grocery store and cook your own meals.


The High Point Restaurant in Monteagle, Tennessee

The High Point Restaurant claims an interesting place in Prohibition-era history, but the real story is the fantastic food (don’t miss the dessert!). Photo by Christy Nicholson.



Getting There

Terralodge is about an hour and a half from both Nashville and Chattanooga. I recommend flying into Nashville International Airport and then renting a car. Know that you’ll be driving up the steep incline of Monteagle Mountain (part of the Cumberland Plateau) on your way there, so make sure your car can handle the climb.


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As you turn off the main street in Monteagle and start down a winding road, you may wonder if you have the right place.  But don’t worry – soon you’ll see a Terralodge sign marking the entrance to a narrow, gravel road that will lead you straight to your treehouse.


Wooden stairs leading up to the back deck and hot tub of the treehouse

Relaxing on a back porch high up in the trees was a much-needed escape from our busy lives. Photo by Christy Nicholson.


While you are at Terralodge, be sure to research things to do in the area, like enjoying outdoor recreation at the hiking trails and waterfalls of South Cumberland State Park (if you love wildlife expeditions, see if you can spot crawfish in the creeks at the park). For a different view, go caving at Cumberland Caverns or wander around the campus of Sewanee, the University of the South. But once you are sitting on the back deck of your treehouse, listening to birds and watching the trees sway in the wind, instead of thinking about your next destination, you may decide you never want to leave this tiny piece of heaven.



Terralodge Treehouses: A Romantic Getaway in Beautiful Tennesee


Christy Nicholson is a writer, editor, and recovering perfectionist from Nashville, Tennessee. When not traveling with family, she enjoys cozy days at home reading, gardening, making music, and wrangling two awesome kids. Christy writes at about travel and sustainable living.

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