America’s 9 Best Luxury Hot Springs Resorts

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There are places within the United States’ most stunning landscapes where mineral-rich waters burst from the earth. There, hot springs envelop soakers in an oasis of relaxation that also comes with generous health benefits. 

America’s natural hot springs have drawn couples to their steamy beauty for centuries. These natural attractions are the perfect marriage of romantic seclusion and healing waters, all generously shared by Mother Nature. 

Soaking in these geothermal pools under a starlit sky that is mirrored in the steamy surface of a private pool can only lead to serenity. This, friends, is the ultimate setting for a romantic winter getaway. 

No need to scour the country in search of these liquid havens. Here are a few of our favorite luxury resorts that have harnessed these hot springs to create that storybook setting…



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Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

Nestled in the heart of the Arizona desert, about 50 miles from Phoenix, Castle Hot Springs is an idyllic escape for couples who are seeking romance and rejuvenation. This boutique hotel consists of bungalows, cabins, and a cottage. In addition, one’s stay is complemented by outdoor soaking tubs, indoor and outdoor fireplaces, bath salts, custom herbal teas, and a collection of board games and books.

What’s more, there are two restaurants on-site- Bar 1896 and Harvest. Both of their menus feature ingredients from the 3-acre farm on property. At Harvest, the chef’s menu rotates nightly to highlight what is in season. Meals are included with an overnight stay. In addition, guests receive a $25 gift card for drinks. 

The centerpiece of this oasis is its natural hot springs. The geothermal pools, exclusive to Castle Hot Springs guests, are carved out of the desert rock. Couples can find warm comfort in these pools while feeling the healing embrace of the water against their skin under the starlit desert sky.


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Hot Springs, Arkansas

Quapaw Baths & Spa, surrounded by the historic charm of Hot Springs, Arkansas, is home to a spa that immerses guests in balmy relaxation. Warm mineral waters gently hug bathers’ skin as they soak in the mineral-rich thermal pools. The private couples’ bathing area, along with the Steam Cave, provides an intimate retreat

Stay at the historic Arlington Resort Hotel & Spa, just steps away, where 500 elegant rooms await. Amenities include weekend entertainment in the lobby, a fitness room, a year-round hot tub, and seasonal pools. Add-on amenities like valet parking and spa services are available. In addition, guests can call ahead to order special amenities, like rose petals on the bed and a chilled bottle of champagne. 


a tiny waterfall dispenses into a geothermal pool - Arkansas Hot Springs

Waterfall at Hot Springs National Park. @Shutterstock


Wilbur Hot Springs, California

In Northern California, just 2.5 hours north of San Francisco, is Wilbur Hot Springs. Its home is in the middle of an 1800-acre nature preserve. 

This hotel calls itself a “health sanctuary” due to the medicinal nature of its hot mineral waters and the many healing arts sessions, like reiki and acupuncture. 

Wilbur Hot Springs lodging is unique in that guests stay in a minimalist cabin with one queen bed and a half bath. Furthermore, there is a community kitchen where guests do their own cooking and cleaning. Wilbur Hot Springs is located in an off-the-grid area without wifi, which will appeal to guests who yearn for an experience that brings them close to nature.

In addition, its remote location presents visitors with the opportunity to bathe without clothes. It is important to note that children under the age of 13 are not allowed to stay at this hotel. Amenities, like towels, robes, and extra blankets, are not included, so be sure to pack them for a cozy stay.   


This is a romantic escape that feels worlds away from the bustle of daily life.


Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado 

Dunton Hot Springs is a small, exclusive resort. It is home to a collection of 13 luxuriously restored cabins set within a revived ghost town. Amenities include free breakfast, a fitness center, a spa, concierge services, and a restaurant. 

The hot springs range in temperature from 85 to 106 degrees Fahrenheit. The resort provides five different experiences to enjoy the hot springs: inside the bathhouse, in the pool outside the bathhouse, in the pool outside the Dunton Store Cabin, in the pool inside the Well House Cabin, and finally, at the source.

On top of that, there are many activities besides swimming to enjoy. In the winter, a half-day snowshoeing excursion is included with an overnight stay. If a summer visit is in the cards, visitors will find an 8-page menu of included-with-your-stay activities, like fly-fishing or horseback riding. 


woman snow shoeing in Dulton CO -Dulton Hot Springs

This kind of winter activity requires a long soak in a geothermal bath afterward. @DuntonDestinations


Glenwood Springs, Colorado

The thermal baths of Glenwood Hot Springs Resort are renowned for their high mineral content. In addition, the resort features the world’s largest geothermal pool. This naturally-heated, year-round pool with its mountain views provides a one-of-a-kind experience for adventure lovers. Stay onsite in one of the 107 rooms at the lodge and be treated to breakfast, unlimited access to the pool, and a discounted rate to the athletic club.


Colorado hot spring -luxury hot springs resorts

Find balance and peace in this perfect Colorado hot spring. @Shutterstock


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Pagosa Springs, Colorado

In the heart of the San Juan Mountains, at the lap of the Colorado Rockies, lies Pagosa Springs. Melting in golden hues of abundant sunshine, this home of the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring, the Mother Spring aquifer, offers a nurturing backdrop for lingering conversations. At The Springs Resort & Spa, couples can indulge in spa treatments like the Magnesium Muscle Melt treatment after a day spent in activities like Aqua Sound Immersion or gentle yoga.

Guests choose from classic, deluxe, or luxury accommodations in the resort’s 29-room lodge. Furthermore, every room comes with 24-hour access to the soaking pools, complimentary robes and towels, access to the adult-only relaxation terrace, and a Deep Sleep Tray. 


Pagosa Springs Resort in the winter

Pagosa Springs is a cozy winter retreat for a geothermal bath. @Shutterstock


Strawberry Park Hot Springs, Colorado

Just a short drive from Steamboat Springs, the lively ski resort community, is Strawberry Park Hot Springs. Strawberry Park feels like a step back in time. Accommodation options are limited and are truly rustic. Guests must bring their own blankets and towels; there is no wifi. Guests can rent pools a month in advance. Since clothing is only an option after sunset, minors are asked to stay home. For those who like to wake early to watch the Colorado wilderness open its eyes, Strawberry Park is an ideal destination. Feeling the springs but not the rough edges? Stay nearby in one of these luxury hotels.



Chico Hot Springs, Montana

Near Yellowstone National Park, Chico Hot Springs Resort and Day Spa, a historic and pet-friendly resort delivers guests an assortment of lodging options from a covered wagon to luxury cabins. It caters to lovers with its romantic atmosphere and the chance to view the northern lights from its outdoor geothermal pools. The resort’s boutique hotel charm and full-service spa ensures a stay that is both relaxing and reinvigorating in equal measure.


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Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, Montana

Tucked along the bank of the Clark Fork is Quinn’s Hot Springs Resort, which is located in the lush forest landscape of western Montana. Guests can choose from one of many family-friendly cabins or a room at one of two adult-only lodges. The resort nourishes its visitors with five natural-flow soaking pools and one cold plunge pool. Quinn’s is a popular spot for those seeking a romantic environment coupled with the rugged beauty of the surrounding Rocky Mountain landscape.


couple relaxing in mineral bath -luxury hot springs

Reflecting on time well spent- together. @Shutterstock


From the desert hot springs of the Sonoran Desert to the snowy peaks of the Rockies, the United States boasts some of the best hot spring resorts. Each of these places offers a perfect setting for a romantic getaway. 



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