Best Things to Do At Universal Orlando for Adults

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My family thinks I’m a little nuts. “You’re getting a kid-free day and you’re going to kid central?” is usually their stunned response when I tell them we’re going to see the attractions at Universal Studios Orlando. But it’s because they don’t know what I know, that Universal Orlando Resort is full of great things to do for adults too! And it’s my husband’s and my favorite place to go when we need to get away. 






Universal Orlando Resort has lots of fun for adults too! Like a karaoke bar and a chocolate themed restaurant!





You have to start with the most important meal of the day. And, since my kid isn’t around, I don’t have to role-model good eating habits. So, I like to start my day with a donut from Voodoo Donuts



donut, oreos - things to do at universal orlando for adults

This is an “ODB” it’s a yeast donut with oreos and peanut butter. And its my favorite!



All the donuts at Voodoo Donuts are excellent! I really like the ODB (pictured above) and the No Name (which has rice krispies, chocolate, and peanut butter). My husband is a fan of the Orange Creamsicle donut. 


Pro Tip: You can order your donuts ahead on the Universal Orlando Resort app!



Rides at Universal Studios Orlando


Once you are sufficiently sugared up, it’s time to hit the rides! Universal Orlando has lots of rides that are great for an adult’s trip, for both thrill-seekers and chickens like me. Universal Orlando is made up of 2 theme parks, Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios. If you have trouble telling them apart, just remember that Islands of Adventure is based on books (Seuss, Greek Mythology, Harry Potter, Marvel Comic Books etc) and Universal Studios is based on movies and television (Simpsons, Men in Black, The Mummy etc) Universal also has a water theme park called Volcano Bay, which has both crazy slides and rides and lots of places to relax. 


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My husband is a huge fan of (1999) The Incredible Hulk roller coaster, which is located inside Islands of Adventure. I usually sit that one out. One interesting fact about the Incredible Hulk Coaster is that the only piece of original track left on it is the one the Hulk holds at the entrance. The entire track was redone in 2016!


I have a policy of not riding anything where my brain will be below my feet



coasters - things to do at universal orlando for adults

You can hear the sound effects for the Incredible Hulk Coaster throughout most of Marvel Super Hero Island.  RAWR



Literally, every time I walk through Marvel Super Hero Island I see sunglasses in the net under the Hulk, so make sure you store your shades. 



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Universal Orlando is getting ready to open up a new roller coaster in June 2021! The brand new Veliocoaster opens June 10 and looks amazing! For my husband. Again, I don’t do upside down. I’ll be checking out the churros in Jurassic Park while he rides. 







The best lunch in Islands of Adventure, and possibly anywhere at Universal Orlando, is found at Mythos. Mythos is in the Lost Continent section, and reservations are recommended. You can make reservations on their website. The ambiance is great, the food is super good, and the service is excellent. Mythos has been voted the Best Restaurant inside a theme park a bunch of times, and it truly lives up to its reputation. I had the knife and fork grilled cheese, and it did not disappoint. 




Pro Tip: Afternoons in Orlando are known for random thunderstorms. Consider checking the weather and making your Mythos reservation for any rainy spots during your day. 



restaurant - things to do at universal orlando for adults

By the way, the face on the side of Mythos reacts to Snapchat filters.



grilled cheese, tomato soup - things to do at universal orlando for adults

This was my lunch, a knife and fork grilled cheese, served with tomato soup.



Men In Black: Alien Attack


After lunch, we rode the Hogwarts Express to Universal Studios. One of my favorite rides in the world is found there. Men In Black: Alien Attack is basically a shooting game on wheels. You compete with other players for the highest alien zapping score. If you want to beat your spouse, I do have a few tips. In the second room near the giant alien crash, you’ll find Frank the Pug on a table all the way to the right. He’s worth a lot of points. Also, at the end of the ride, you’ll be told to push the red button. The first player to do so gets 100,000 points! One of the reasons I like Men In Black so much is that it’s very enjoyable to reride. The ending depends on how many points your car received, and there are literally dozens of different endings to try to unlock!  





I love to hit Universal’s Citywalk after a fun-filled day in the park! There are a ton of restaurants in CityWalk to try, and all of them are good. Seriously, I’ve never had a bad meal. But, if I had to pick my favorites, it comes down to two restaurants. So my question is, are you feeling savory or sweet?



If you want savory, Big Fire is the way to go. Everything at Big Fire tastes like it was cooked in a campfire by an expert chef who knows what they are doing. It’s so so good. I think the steak I had there was one of the best steaks I have ever eaten, and I write about food and travel so that’s high praise. 



filet mignon, potatoes - Things to do at universal studios orlando for adults

I got a filet mignon, and subbed the usual sides for au gratin potatoes. Seriously, get the potatoes.



If you want sweet, then you want Toothsome’s Chocolate Emporium. If it can be made out of chocolate, they have it. They also have excellent sandwiches and dinners. 



Pro Tip: Not that hungry? Milkshakes and sundaes can be ordered to go at the door on the left. 



chocolate factory - Things to do at universal studios orlando for adults

Definitely get a reservation if you plan to try Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, they were booked solid when we visited!



After dinner, Citywalk has several bars to choose from if you want to keep the party going. Pat O Briens is good, and there’s a karaoke bar called Rising Star. And you can always get a donut to take home. 



Where to Stay


Universal Orlando has plenty of excellent properties on-site, and I definitely recommend staying on property! We love Cabana Bay for a value property, it has a fun theme and a great pool and lazy river. If you’re splurging, the Hard Rock Hotel is a great spot! They even play music underwater in the pool! 






Universal Orlando Resort has lots of fun for adults too! Like a karaoke bar and a chocolate themed restaurant!



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