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It’s the divid­ing line between youth and age. It was about 63 degrees at the beach where we camped at a near­by Pis­mo Beach RV park. A sharp wind made me wish I could retract my head into my body like a tur­tle. At the same time, my boys, 10 and 12, jumped through crash­ing waves, chal­leng­ing each oth­er to bel­ly flops into the ocean. No wet­suits. I remem­bered doing that when I was their age and it made me smile to see them so care­free. It was­n’t just that I had become more attached to the warmth of my body, it was also that the world had changed.


Gone are the days of sip­ping Mai Tais on warm sand drip­ping into the blue water of the Pacif­ic Ocean. Wait­ers, who would hov­er near­by, ready to refresh liba­tions at your posh beach­front resort. Hope­ful­ly, we can do that soon again, but in the mean­time, fam­i­lies can still have their beach adven­ture through safe fam­i­ly RV road trips up the Cal­i­for­nia Coast.  And lucky us! Since the coast of Cal­i­for­nia only has one sea­son, with tem­per­a­tures that fluc­tu­ate about 20 degrees through the months, a week­end away any­time is just as good as a week at the Pis­mo Beach camp­ing site, Pis­mo Coast Vil­lage RV Resort.






camping review of Pismo Coast Village RV Resort - everything you need to know when you camp in your RV with your family and kids. Learning how to use your travel trailer RV for the first time.



The Video




Set in-between San Diego and San Fran­cis­co, Pis­mo Coast Vil­lage RV Resort is per­fect for a Los Ange­les week­end beach trip. Immac­u­late­ly cared for by staff, the camp­sites pro­vide those essen­tial full hook-ups to make any glamp­ing trip com­fort­able. The Pis­mo Coast Vil­lage RV Resort is walk­ing dis­tance to a long sand beach, crash­ing waves, and a pier filled with laid-back restau­rants, bars, and small-town shops.



Pismo Coast Village RV Resort

What a View © Rina Nehdar



Our fam­i­ly took our very first RV road trip, in the trav­el trail­er we bought and fig­ured out how to use, to Pis­mo Coast Vil­lage RV Resort, which host­ed our stay. A big thank you to them and to GoRVing.com who made the arrange­ments. GoRVing.com has tons of tips to buy, rent or plan your fam­i­ly RV trip.



The Campsites


We arrived at our site in the dark. That was­n’t part of the plan but we had to be flex­i­ble with the day, just like we’ve had to accept the unex­pect­ed since March. Still, we made it and that lit­tle thrill went a long way. 


Our camp­site, #10, faced a lagoon where we heard birds call­ing to each oth­er from what seemed like the Late Juras­sic era into our cur­rent Holocene era. Fes­tive bush­es threw their leaves into the air and green abound­ed on the water’s edge. 



pismo coast village rv resort lagoon

Pale­on­tol­o­gists or beach bums? © Rina Nehdar



The lagoon is per­fect for young explor­ers to spot those giant migrat­ing birds and an assort­ment of crit­ters. Each camp­site has a pic­nic table and a fire pit and, as I men­tioned before, full-hook ups. Full hook-ups means you could pow­er all the elec­tri­cal things in your RV with­out wor­ry­ing about drain­ing the bat­tery. You could also take long, hot show­ers and use your toi­let to your heart’s con­tent. Full hook-ups means you could drain the grey water (show­er, dish­wa­ter) and the black water (toi­let) from the hold­ing tanks of your RV with­out leav­ing your camp­site. It takes just a few min­utes to com­plete the process. You also con­nect your RV to their fresh­wa­ter sup­ply so you have ample, clean water at all times for that show­er. Though you prob­a­bly want a good water fil­ter if you’re going to drink it because it’s still tap water. 



pismo coast rv park

City Kid: Have Walkie Talkie Will Camp © Rina Nehdar



Each site also comes with com­pli­men­ta­ry WiFi and cable. We did­n’t use the cable because we sat by the camp­fire at night and played games but we did post to social media because, OMG, we’re final­ly at the beach!


pismo coast rv park

That water is chilly! © Howard Nehdar



We had bought a big mat to col­lect the dirt we antic­i­pat­ed would make its way from our site into our trav­el trail­er but it was rocks that cov­ered the camp­site ground so that min­i­mized the amount of par­ti­cles that made their way inside. 


Pro Tip: There are no grills on the fire pit so bring your own. (Though my expe­ri­enced camp­ing friend told me it was gross that I used the ones that had them. So that might be a rook­ie move though I’m pret­ty sure fire kills every­thing so it’s your call. We end­ed up using the grate above the burn­ers on the stove for ours. #prob­lem­solved)



pismo coast rv park

Still worked © Rina Nehdar



The camp­ground has three access points to the beach and all the camp­sites are a short walk from any. When you make your reser­va­tion, you’ll tell them how big your vehi­cle is and they’ll put you where you fit. Here’s a Pis­mo Coast Vil­lage map of the camp­ground so you could angle for the best loca­tion but real­ly, you can’t go wrong. 


pismo coast rv park

Our favorite path © Rina Nehdar



Our site was close to a gaze­bo and small grassy area. Per­fect for a mom to stretch her body, or do some yoga, before tak­ing on the needs of every­one else in the family.



pismo coast rv park

Mom­my Zen © Rina Nehdar



Also, because of the COVID sit­u­a­tion, they are offer­ing online check-ins so you can min­i­mize your inter­ac­tion with oth­er peo­ple and breeze right in.



The Campground


When they bill them­selves as a resort, they’re not kid­ding. They have a restau­rant that serves Hap­py Hour and also deliv­ers to your camp­site. The Pis­mo Coast Vil­lage Grill is open for out­door din­ing dur­ing this pan­dem­ic and the fresh ocean air is won­der­ful­ly punc­tu­at­ed by the smell of cook­ing meat waft­ing from their large out­door grill.


There is a Recre­ation Cen­ter that orga­nizes games and con­tests for the kids. They have a cos­tume con­test for pets! There is mini-golf and a bas­ket­ball court and a heat­ed swim­ming pool! There’s a horse­shoe court. There is a bike rental ser­vice where you can rent one of those fun sur­reys too. 


pismo coast rv park

Sur­rey for That!



There is an arcade but I did­n’t want to break the boys’ hearts by telling them because it was closed due to COVID. Most of the ameni­ties are closed right now because of COVID but the swim­ming pool is still open, you just have to bring your own lounge chairs. We did­n’t get the memo and just sat on the ground. 



pismo coast rv park

Wing­ing It © Rina Nehdar



It was fine. The boys played in the water. There was a group of kids play­ing games togeth­er like kids do.


pismo coast rv park

A pool day is a good day © Rina Nehdar



There is also a laun­dry facil­i­ty (still open) and a gen­er­al store (open) that has a sur­pris­ing amount of things you’d nev­er expect in a small camp­ground store. Like all those things you for­got to buy before your trip in your RV.


There is a time­share option for this camp­ground which seems like a pret­ty good idea if you like beach camp­ing since the sec­ond we told friends how awe­some the loca­tion is, they tried to book a reser­va­tion for the next month and could­n’t because it was already sold out.


Check the Pis­mo Coast Vil­lage RV Resort Face­book page for the most cur­rent updates on COVID restrictions.


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Our Experience


Please remem­ber we are new to RV camp­ing so don’t laugh when I tell you how I kept set­ting off the smoke alarm in our trav­el trail­er the first time I made break­fast. Not once, but many times. An ear-split­ting sick­ly wail cut­ting through the morn­ing calm. We final­ly just pulled the intru­sive alarm off the ceil­ing. Yes, we opened the win­dows and turned on the stove vent. It did­n’t help. I kept look­ing out the win­dow at our neigh­bors’ sites to see if they could hear us and call­ing in the fire depart­ment. I was so embarrassed.


Break­fast out of the way, we start­ed every day with a walk to the beach. Before we head­ed out, the boys biked around the camp­grounds like a pack of wild kids. This is one of my favorite things about camp­ing. Because of the sit­u­a­tion world­wide, they did­n’t meet oth­er kids as eas­i­ly as they typ­i­cal­ly would. On vaca­tions in gen­er­al, kids meet their best friends in an after­noon but on camp­ing trips, they also get to have adven­tures like the kind kids have in movies. Climb­ing trees, raid­ing oth­er kid’s club­hous­es, get­ting dirty. 



pismo coast rv park

Our Dai­ly Trek © Rina Nehdar



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We brought our walkie-talkies and I taught the boys how to say “over” when they were done speak­ing into them. I felt like a girl scout. They loved the sense of free­dom they sud­den­ly got. They rode their bikes every­where. They ran errands to the gen­er­al store. They found a baby rat near the gaze­bo and ached about res­cu­ing it since its moth­er was­n’t around. These are not my chil­dren. My chil­dren are scared of flies and spi­ders. They would nev­er come near an ail­ing rat. Yet, here they were.


The best part was the beach. Get­ting such easy access, we went mul­ti­ple times each of the three days we spent there. The boys chal­lenged each oth­er to take the short­cut across the lagoon. 



pismo coast rv park

Pio­neer­ing © Rina Nehdar



Kaleb and Howard surfed one day while Knox and I raid­ed a can­dy store on the near­by pier for a snack. We pranked Kaleb by buy­ing him a lol­lipop with a crick­et trapped inside.


pismo coast rv park

Under the Pier Hap­py Dance! © Rina Nehdar


Sad­ly, the sand dunes at Pis­mo Beach are closed now due to COVID but read  Pis­mo Beach: Fam­i­ly Fun! about the thrill you can have when they reopen!


We’d eat din­ner out­side every night and make s’ mores after­ward. I baked cook­ies in the oven to get that cozy smell. Howard and I talked late into the night and slept sound­ly with the sound of crash­ing waves. Peo­ple were unusu­al­ly qui­et for a camp­ground in the morn­ing there (except for those that set off their smoke alarms), so we slept in a cou­ple times. After endur­ing so much of 2020, we real­ly need­ed it. For a few days, we got to dis­con­nect from the mad­ness and find com­fort in the most sim­ple of things. Each other. 


(And the beach).


When You Go



Pis­mo Beach is about a three-hour dri­ve from Los Ange­les on the US 101‑N. Easy.





EVERYTHING you need to know about Pismo Coast Village RV Resort and taking your first family RV Road Trip


EVERYTHING you need to know about Pismo Coast Village RV Resort and taking your first family RV Road Trip